Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get The Problems Sorted Out Before The Rally

Submitted by Danny Dossman:

With 46 hours til I leave for Minnetonka, my wife is driving us to church.  I didn't feel like driving 4 wheels today.  I guess it's a good thing to make one more church appearance before heading to Butt Lite 7.  I can use all the help I can get, divine or otherwise.  This is my first multi-day rally and only my 3rd rally.  Though I am an experienced LD rider, I'm still a real noobie at rallies and especially routing for them.   Hopefully, Lisa, Bart and David will be too busy to read this and when they see my gray hair they will think I'm a veteran rider.

42 hours to go:

There are still a lot of chores around the house to take care of before leaving and that's cutting into my packing and last minute details time.

This past Tuesday til Thursday I did a little 2200 mile final shake down ride chasing courthouses in the panhandle of Texas.  Like Bruce Jansen I too had last minute bike problems.  Wednesday morning about 30 miles east of Amarillo my shifter stripped out.  I managed to limp to the Harley dealership in Amarillo and got repaired.  Then 3 hours later it did it again. After asking the dealership exactly what they had done I was told, "the tech was able to reuse all original parts".  That's right he merely put back the stripped out parts and tightened them down.  The short story is that I waited for three hours on the side of the road for them to come and replace the parts that they should have replaced originally.  The only good thing to come from it is that it happened prior to heading to Minnesota.

Friday I had the bike serviced and got two new tires, only to learn that the rear brake caliper was bad and needed to be replaced.  Of course the dealership didn't have one in stock. After a parts search, it was found that there were only three in the state of Texas. So, Saturday I rode to Grand Prairie and had the rear caliper replaced.

Ok, it's time to get busy.  If I get a spare moment maybe I'll put down some more pre-rally news, problems and concerns.

See ya soon

Danny C Dossman

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