Monday, July 7, 2014

Life In The Rally Van

We are rolling down the Kansas Turnpike near Cassoday, KS.  I am perched in the way back surrounded by all our stuff.

Pedrow & Coll are having a riveting conversation about farm implements & mineral rights.

David is still trying to figure out Google Phone.

Bart is channeling his inner-Higdon.  We never thought we'd see the day when Bart wouldn't be able to pry a smartphone from his hand, so apparently hell HAS frozen over.  He is glued to the private, staff Spotwalla page analyzing every single tiny motorcycle & providing quite colorful play-by-play of each rider's route.

Meanwhile we are racking up points in a lazy fashion & scouting for Butt Lite 8 - just in case there is one.  Why not?  What else can you do when you find a marker for a catastrophe?

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