Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ok, I admit it...

I lost my keys Friday afternoon. Yep, still don't quite know how, but I did it. Fortunately, I had a spare ignition key and a spare topbox key. Unfortunately, I didn't have a spare pannier key. How the heck am I gonna pack my bike for the trip?

It's still early enough to check with the dealer. I ask if they know some super secret magic code for the pannier keys. I also ask if they have any blanks. The only blank is a blank stare.

"You have a what?" they ask.

"A Caponord," says I.

"Who makes that?" they ask.

"Aprilia," says I.

"Are you sure?" they ask.

"Yes," says I.

"We don't have anything like that," they say.

(This from the local Aprilia dealer who sells many more scooters and Ducati and Moto Guzzi motorcycles than Aprilia motorcycles. Ug! It's not looking good....)

Hmmmm. So, Saturday morning is spent at the locksmith. She's amazing! Out in 100°+ heat she examines the lock, fishing in and out of it with a feeler and a pick.

Figuring out the locks

"What kind of bike is this?" she asks. "

"Italian," says I.

"It's not in our book but it looks a lot like the locks on Danish furniture," she says.

Hand filing the key

Two hours later, she's not only managed to get the panniers opened but has created keys from Danish furniture keys that she's hand filed to work in the locks.


She also creates a Frankin-key for the ignition by grinding down a Volvo key to get it thin enough to fit!

Cutting the keys.

Fee? $20.

And that's the start of my Butt Lite 7 least I have spare keys!

(and a big THANK YOU to AAA Lock & Key in Tucson, AZ)