Monday, June 30, 2014

It's a long road

So here we are on the way to Minnesota. Our journey started on Sunday 29 June, riding from Canberra to Sydney to catch the Monday flight to LA, then onto New Mexico where the GSA awaits.
Talk about extremes, yesterday there was snow on the foothills around Canberra and here at LAX it's a pleasant summers day.

Phones have being purchased, the route from NM to MN sorted and uploaded onto the GPS, now it's almost time to ride.

Martin Little


  1. Best of luck with it Martin. Same goes for Olly and Ian.
    All the FarRiders are - as the locals over there say - rooting for you. Tee Hee.



  2. Best of luck Martin and for Olly and Ian as well. I am sure all of the LDRiding community down here in Oz would be echoing the same.....Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!


  3. Oi Oi each for the Aussie Contingent. Have a safe event guys and dont forget to laugh at the adversities....itll get you through.

    Pat (TOURA)