Saturday, June 28, 2014

Here We Are Again

The riders of Butt Lite 7 will depart from rally headquarters at the Sheraton Minneapolis West in Minnetonka, Minnesota on the morning of Sunday, July 6th.

If all goes as planned, they'll all arrive back where they started the following Saturday, July 12th.

Where will they go over those six days?  I'm not telling.  It is a carefully guarded secret.

What is it about this long distance rally thing?  It's so difficult to articulate.  No one who works with me at my real job has any idea how I'll be spending my vacation that week.  And I bet many of our riders, staff & volunteers find themselves in a similar situation.

Let's see....
"I'm flying to Minnesota to put on a six-day, long-distance, endurance, motorcycle rally."
"No, I'm not riding in it.  I'm one of the organizers."
"Oh no, I won't be in Minnesota the whole time.  I'll be riding to a secret location with the other organizers in a mini-van.  And then we'll go back to Minnesota."
"No, the riders don't stay together.  They each decide their own route & pace.  They'll meet us at the secret location after they've been to a bunch of other locations.  Then they will go to a bunch more locations before arriving back in Minnesota."
"They don't know where they're going until we tell them."

And then I will get asked this... "Why?"

So, you can see, it's much simpler to just keep it simple.  "I'll be on vacation and you won't be able to reach me for about 10 days."

What they'll never know is how much fun this all this.  Or how great all the people involved are.  Or how wonderfully exhilarating this adventure will be for the lucky men and women who'll be participating in it.

Our riders will experience the highest highs and some low lows.  And they'll return knowing they have done something very few people ever do.  And they'll know and we'll know that they're exceptional individuals.

Because only exceptional people will voluntarily embark on a journey with absolutely no idea of where they're going or what they'll be doing. 

Six days of beauty, ugliness, unpredictable weather and some of the most odd-ball roadside attractions Bart, David & I could manage to find.


Well, if we have to explain it, you probably wouldn't understand.

Follow this blog to keep tabs on all the fun.  We'll have stories, photos, videos, Spotwalla for tracking the riders and brilliant insight from the Rally Van.

Stay tuned.... this is gonna be great.


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  2. Looking forward to the jouney.